Learning To Use Xcode

Toolbar area

  • scheme pop-up menu; selects which device

  • run button (looks like play button)

Navigator area
Editor area
Utility area

Simulator: An app in Xcode that simulates the behavior and appearance of running an app on a device.

  • The simulator gives you an idea of how your app would look and behave if it were running on a device.

3 ways to run:

  • Run button in toolbar

  • Product > Run

  • press Command-R

2 ways to quit the simulator:

  • Simulator > Quit Simulator

  • press Command-Q

To look at the source file:

  1. Make sure the project navigator is open:

View > Navigators > Show Project Navigator

Or press the icon to the utmost left in the navigator selector bar.

project navigator: displays all the files in your project

  1. Open project file

  2. press AppDelegate.swift

    • double-clicking opens it in a different window

The App Delegate Source File

Two primary functions:

  • it defines your AppDelegate class

  • it creates the entry point to your app and a run loop that delivers input events to your app