No one can empower you greater than yourself, no matter what kind of land you find yourself lost in. 

This is about both a metaphoric and literal interpretation of finding your way in the midst of being lost in foreign lands. 

This is about empowering you.

This is about embracing your life in an ever-developing mindset in which you are the greatest asset and priotity 

This is about independence.

This is about freedom.

This is about being kind to people, but being kindest to yourself.

This is about being confident in vulnerable situations.

This is about being yourself in mainstream culture which discourages you from being authentic.

This is about being brave in when everything is telling you that you can't be brave.

This is about empowering you to rely on no one but yourself.

This is about living in a world where being real and being honest means feeling lost in mental chaos with the only compass being deep inside the person you never knew you could be.

This is not about feeling comfortable, familiar, or safe, but being equippedto be confident in a foreign, uncomfortable, and threatening