Brains before beauty? Or beauty before brains?


Beauty & Mathematics (B&M) manifests the tension between the aesthetic and intellectual industries as visual and written concepts. B&M lays out some of the causes of the relational dysfunction between intellect and beauty, and suggests solutions for long-term change. The foundation of this change lies within each individual, whom is most effectively empowered by none other than him- or herself. B&M strives to provide opportunities for individuals to shift into more productive perspectives while equipping those individuals with practical applications.


The manifest of B&M was inevitable.

As Ana processed difficult truths throughout her experiences, her desire to take control of her life and to create something powerful warranted an expression and a method that could transfer to other people. 

Ana was raised by an alcoholic mother with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) and a step-father whom avoided confrontation and the seriousness of the dysfunction at home. As Ana progressed in her young adulthood she failed to recognize the additional factors (such as misogyny, the Western church, etc.) which were continued attributes to her own dysfunction. These factors in addition to a gap between reality and her idealism about the world catalyzed a crescendo of mental and emotional pressure until a new revelation changed everything. Though this revelation unfolds complexly, it essentially destroyed all of Ana's previous beliefs and birthed one fundamental belief: self-empowerment

This new belief manifests in Ana's life as radical change which she hopes to continue in correlation with her understanding of self-empowerment. Ana was previously involved in the fashion and entertainment industry. After her revelation, she began a bachelor degree in geophysics to be completed in 2021 with anticipated further education. As she dives deeper into the world of geophysics, she hopes to connect a sense of beauty and passion with mathematics and science, using what she learns in her own life to empower others.


Ana enjoys extending her services to support projects in line with the values of B&M and would love to hear from you pertaining to inquiries regarding photography, other skills and experience, or her approach to new projects.


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